Workshop on intercultural communication

Workshop on intercultural communication At the vocational school for fashion and design in Zurich (BSMG), SAD led a workshop on intercultural communication. The young people looked at foreign cultures abroad and in Switzerland, and identified reasons for misunderstanding as well as possible solutions.

sportanddev live broadcasts

NL11 LiveStream 50pxsportanddev, the online platform launched by SAD, is expanding. As the information hub for sport and development, it now offers people active in the field the possibility of broadcasting their events live on the sportanddev website. sportanddev's aim with this initiative is to promote the exchange of knowledge and cooperation between members.

SAD joins ILO expert committee

SAD joins Taqeem Evaluation CouncilSAD is a member of the recently founded Taqeem Evaluation Council, an expert body of the International Labor Organization (ILO) programme of the same name. The aim of “Taqeem” is to improve young people’s job prospects in the Middle East and North Africa.

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