Youth Innovation Fund Egypt – First training course up and running

CC Hossam el-Hamalawy – Four years ago, the Arab revolution reached Egypt. Tahrir Square became a symbol of a more democratic, more just Egypt, and a symbol of the resistance against autocratic leaders. Young people in particular had high hopes for the revolution. However, over 40 percent of young people are still without jobs now. According to the latest figures, youth unemployment has significantly increased over the past few years. With the “Youth Innovation Fund Egypt” SAD gives young Egyptians work, and supports them in developing hope for the future. The unemployed young people develop their own environmentally sustainable business ideas, and receive support from SAD and its partner organisations when they implement them. The first training course has been running since February.

Moving Together – a handbook to help aid workers use sport and play in disaster zones

NL12 MovingTogether50px Sport and play are central to SAD’s work. With “Moving Together”, SAD and partner organisations have published a handbook to help aid workers use sport and play in disaster zones. The publication is available free of charge from SAD.

Workshop on intercultural communication

Workshop on intercultural communication At the vocational school for fashion and design in Zurich (BSMG), SAD led a workshop on intercultural communication. The young people looked at foreign cultures abroad and in Switzerland, and identified reasons for misunderstanding as well as possible solutions.

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